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Graduating 01  - Thicken and flutter lashes

Graduating 01 - Thicken and flutter lashes



All of our G lashes are stunning 3D Faux Mink  Lashes. These lashes are designed to add fluffy volume and drama to the outer corners of your eyes, taking your look from basic to bold in no time.

These lashes  are designed to offer graduated thickness from inner to outer eye which gives you a natural look.

V-shaped lash clusters  overlap and increase in length towards the outer corners of your eyes, creating a fierce cat-eye effect. Plus, they are not only Cruelty-free and Vegan-friendly but also a graduating style that will give you the perfect balance of natural-looking and dramatic, perfect for any occasion. 

We would expect 5-10 uses with propper care

Our lashes come in our gorgeous sweetie packaging so you can keep your lashes safe and once you have finished re use as a trinket pot!

Makes an amazing gift for any lash lover



    Return Policy

    We are sure at Yes B VIP that you will be happy with your products, we have a 98% return purchase rate,

    However in the rare event that there is an issue please get in touch and we will be happy to help you. We may be able to replace or swap your products with an alternative.

    Products can be refunded if returned unused and in original condition with unbroken seals.

    Understandably we do not re sell any returned products due to H&S and hygiene reasons, but we do give any returned items away as charitable gifts so therefore we cannot accept returns if goods have been opened or seal broken.

    The cost of return delivery must be covered by the buyer. any product replacement delivery costs will be covered by Yes B VIP

    Order Cancellations

    Under the distance selling regulations under the Consumer Contracts Regulations, your right to cancel your order starts the moment you place the order, you have the right to cancel the order before your order has been dispatched for a full refund.

    you can get in touch either by our web chat messaging system located in our contact us section or direct via email

    Please send any returns to

    Yes B VIP

    PO BOX 281


    WA8 2FD

  • Shipping Information

    Standard delivery charges for UK orders - fees will be applied at checkout

    Overseas shipping costs apply and differ depending on country of origin and will be calculated at purchase - handling charges apply.

    Please email for further information enquiries

    Return costs will be covered by the buyer

  • Additional note

    Please note weight of product contains weight of packaging for shipping

  • Vegan friendly / Cruelty free

    * Material: 3D Premium Faux Mink

    * Length: 15mm

    * Can be used 5- 10 times with proper care

    *  Vegan Friendly / Cruelty Free



  • Application

    • Align the lash with your lash line and trim the lash band if needed
    • When applying your  lash adhesive please wait 30-40 seconds until the adhesive is tacky - 
    • Apply the lash in the centre of your lashes first, before using tweezers to push the lash in place from the inside corner to the outer. Press against the natural lashes for best results.
    • For half lashes use the same technique as above starting with the centre of your own lashes and pushing the lash in place to the outer of your eye. Remember some half lashes are wider than others so try placing first as you may need to use the previous method however the lash will not reach the inner corner of the eye
  • Caring for your lashes

    Applying your false eyelashes correctly can take a while to master, but once you know how to properly put them on, removing them carefully is the next important step. You don’t want to end up damaging your natural lashes, or the false lashes, so you need to make sure that taking them off is as quick, easy and pain-free as possible! This way, you also ensure you get the most wear out of each pair of lashes! 

    How to remove them?

    Depending on how much adhesive has been used, you should be able to gently peel away the lashes without causing any damage and without hurting yourself. Simply pinch the lash from the outer edge using your fingertips and gently pull the false lash away from your lash line, until it has all come away from your skin.



    If you feel as though you need something to loosen the adhesive and make this step slightly easier, then we recommend applying a small amount of oil based eye makeup remover to the tip of a cotton bud, and gently running it along the lash line. This will work to break up the lash adhesive, allowing the lash to slide off without the need for pulling. Always be careful not to get any oil based makeup remover in your eyes, and if you do be sure to follow manufacturers  instructions on the remover packaging or leaflet. Most flush out with warm water..


    Once you have successfully removed the strip lashes, you want to make sure they are in the best condition possible if you want to reuse them. We suggest removing any excess adhesive from the lash band and cleaning it, so that they are ready for their next use. To clean the lashes use a gentle/sensitive eye makeup remover and apply it to a cotton bud, swiping along the lash band removing any makeup, or adhesive build up.

    Return to your sweetie packaging as its interior eyelash tray has been designed to keep your laskes in shape

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